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2017 Charteris The Hunt Vineyard Riesling

2017 Charteris The Hunt Vineyard Riesling

This wine is a tribute to one of the quiet achievers of Central Otago grape growing and winemaking. Not so much a pioneer or innovator but a persistent and understated, ever dogged, grafter who had a clear vision. As the label suggests, the grapes for this wine come from the Hunt Vineyard, planted in 1997, tended and nurtured by Blair Hunt and his wife Estelle. The fact that they choose to plant the tiny 0.7 Hectare plot of Riesling at the base of a steep granite outcrop may have been because the soil was no good for Pinot Noir. But in doing so they created something absolutely unique. In all of my winemaking I have come across only a few patches of dirt that have such a consistent and distinct expression. The tone and volume of the site inevitably change year on year, but the music stays the same.

We lost Blair in the spring of 2016, just when these vines were in the middle of budburst. It was to be a low yielding vintage ahead, but in that, produced a wine of mesmerizing depth and intensity.  I miss the old bugger, his distinctive sense of humour conveniently hiding a sharp and wise demeaner. This is our last wine from this vineyard, and I think it is kind of fitting that we go out on a high note.

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Wine Specs
Harvest Date
22nd April at 22.0 Brix
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
There is detail and refinement in this wine, while still showing abundance, lots of lemon and lime sorbet aromatics with some florals. Lemon blossom, a hint of Rose petal and white nectarine with the faintest hint of spice, like cinnamon and vanilla bean, but delicate and adding a gentle perfume. There is heaps going on and at 3 years young it is still extremely fresh.
Food Pairing Notes
If we could find the right chef to turn Lemons and limes into a crystal form, this is where you would like to look for inspiration, there is an explosion of citrus followed by silky texture across the flavour profile. And it doesn’t stop, the flavour just keeps going and going all woven neatly together with seamless length. Someone get the oysters, quick!

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